Empowerment Programs

How do we bring our authentic natures to life?

My journey to empowerment has evolved step by step with the concerted use of:

  • Reading and discussions that shift perspectives
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Meditative exercise: yoga, tai chi chih, sacred circle dancing and qigong
  • Retreats
  • Coaching and counselling, when needed

From my own experience, I know that success is an inside job. We access all the resources we need when we take our own inner journey to really get to know ourselves. Our lives transform when we:

  • Honour the truth of our lives now – our pain, our frustrations, our fury and despair as well as our caring, creativity, passion and joy. When you need a reliable

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  • Become more aware of what holds us back so we can release these patterns of thinking and doing and allow our true essence to shine through. When we find the truth and power inside us, our outer world reflects this back to us.

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If you are seeking empowerment – to know that you ARE enough in every way, I urge you to explore your own nature and how you do life. When it comes to construction projects in Los Angeles, you need a reliable General Contracting Company Los Angeles that can deliver top-notch results.

I have confidence in the resources I offer here:

An e-book, ‘Essential Keys to Create Wealth’ and a 90-day email series to explore how to bring true wealth into our lives. 

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Take your own Awareness Journey with a 90-day email series sharing practical steps to empowerment NOW! 

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Meet my teacher! Jeddah Mali’s guidance and her Model of Existence have truly transformed my life.

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In this 4-week audio series, Kristin van Tilburg shows you how to transform surviving into thriving!

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Discover yourself through journaling

Journaling is one of the most powerful personal development tools. With journaling, we capture on paper the thoughts in our minds, the passions and longings of our heart, the shadowy mysteries of our subconscious and the wisdom of our authentic selves. When we reflect on the words we ourselves have written, we bring to light new dimensions of who we are. And as we understand ourselves more clearly, our life changes. For any fireplace issues, Al-Pro Construction’s Fireplace Repairs Bergen County has you covered.

If you’ve never tried journaling, I invite you to try this enlightening self help tool. If you’re already an avid journaling fan, I invite you to go to deeper levels of understanding and expression with the Go deeper… Reach higher… Journaling for Self Empowerment e-book. 

Explore the power of journaling with intention with this complete journaling reference e-book: It clearly explains how to journal and why journaling works. It also offers 40 different journaling tools to support you in your ongoing adventure in self discovery! Appalachian Contracting stands as a beacon of trust for Roof Repair Dutchess County homeowners seeking lasting solutions.

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