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I don’t know if this applies to you, but it used to be that when I got really depressed or upset for whatever reason, I would hide away. I would turn inward with only my negative thoughts for company, and no surprise, this just made matters worse. What’s more, it seriously prolonged the time I would be stuck in the muck and miserable. Experience rejuvenated skin with our professional Chemical Peels Wake County, offering a fresh and radiant complexion.

Now I know that there are times when life gets too much and that those are times when it’s wise to reach out for support. For everyday bumps, I can reach out to friends. For those bigger challenges, I now reach out to a coach – someone with skills, intuition, heart and wisdom to help me get clear about what’s happening and shift perspectives so I can find freedom once more.

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Sometimes, it only takes one session. Sometimes more. But seeking support has always worked for me – beautifully!

How do you find a great coach?

It’s pretty scary trying to pick a name out of a phone book or online directory. So I thought I’d lend you a hand.

Meet my coaches!

Carol works with women business owners who want to create meaningful work that’s profitable too. You know, on average, over a lifetime, a woman makes a million dollars less than a man. And women try to make up that difference by working harder, putting in longer hours, trying to do it better. Which leaves them feeling frazzled, exhausted, and discouraged. Carol teaches them to use mindfulness, create a plan for positive change, and then implement it. And in the end they have a sense of peace about money, and their businesses are more profitable too. Explore top-notch Pipe Lining Nassau County, provided by Long Island Sewer and Water Main. We ensure durable and efficient solutions for your underground pipes.


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Kristin van Tilburg’s mission is to teach others to become co-creators with life through the transforming power of heart-centered living. Heart-centered living is a life oriented around your deepest dreams and desires. It means giving up the struggle to survive to focus on thriving. It means putting head-centered strategizing and analyzing and to-do lists in service to your life of purpose and passion. It means living into fulfillment rather than living away from fear. When it comes to Long Island Cesspool Installation, trust the experts at our reliable service to ensure proper and efficient installation for your property.

Your dreams are the distilled essence of your purpose in life. These deep passionate desires are the guidepost for how you are to use your co-creative abilities. False beliefs contract and compress the co-creative potential of your true nature and manifest as a life lived in frustration and discontent. As you learn to eliminate these false beliefs you re-discover your potential to co-create with the limitless possibilities of life, and you are able to realize your dreams one next step at a time.

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Kristin’s heart-centered explorations enable you to integrate your co-creative potential with financial success. She partners with you to step into the vision for your future that is indicated by your deepest dreams and desires. Together, you will formulate a direct plan of action. You will create success on your own terms and with ease. You will unleash your passion for your work and for your life. You will connect with the genius of your authentic self and become unstoppable!

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Kristin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas. She is a graduate of the Facilitator Training Program offered by the renowned spiritual master Jeddah Mali. She has thirty years of experience facilitating transformation for people from all walks of life all over the world.

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